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Sun to buy MySQL - why?

Wow... I didn't see this coming! (Unfortunately the original announcement wasn't loading for me). From an Open Source POV, it makes sense as Sun has long been a supporter of & contributor to OSS. It's just strange to see what I picture as essentially a hardware company buying a database company... And besides, if they had IPO'd I'd have happily bought shares ;-).

So my question is: where are the competitive advantages for Sun in this move? MySQL AB is a profit making company, so there's one. It's also an Open Source product, so there's another. But both are tenuous IMO - not enough reason to buy. Being a hardware company, I'm wondering what their strategy is with this... Much like Apple and their software - it really exists to drive sales of their hardware. How do Sun plan to benefit from this?

I suppose they could fine-tune MySQL to run on their hardware & Solaris better than any other platform to try & drive sales... And maybe then they could create a solution to the industry's HA woes using a commonly used product that doesn't involve re-inventing the way data is stored. (Or maybe I'm just smoking crack ;-) ).

At any rate, it'll be interesting to see where this leads - more for Sun than MySQL, IMO.
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