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Some pretty big things have happened to both Nika and I recently - Fotango is no more (so yes, that means I'm available for hire ;-), and Multimap got bought by Microsoft.

With all this going on, we thought it was a good point to take a breather and decided to go on holiday to start off the year. It was always a question of where to go though... I love traveling and have a lot of places left on my list that I'd like to see, but we wanted to avoid breezing through spending only a day or two in each place because you can't really relax that way. So we decided to spend a bit more time in a few places:

Since I met CLK he's always banged on about how great Taiwan's hot springs are, so we thought we'd put it to the test ;-). It'll be nice to get out of London's constant bustle and into the mountains, do some hiking, and make a fool of myself trying to speak mandarin again.

Then we go to Sydney to visit some friends and family, and hopefully conquer that irrational fear of poisonous spiders (they don't kill that many people since anti-venom was introduced). And maybe heights too - I've heard you can climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge...

Then there's a brief moonlight in Hawaii where I can try out my Magnum PI impression... If I start now, I might not have to buy the mustache!

Then we hit Canada again to visit family & friends, admire my parents new wooden floors, go x-country skiing, and heck, maybe even dog-sledding now my sister's got an Alaskan Malamute.

Can't wait to get going!