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Lighting installed

We got the LED lighting installed a couple of weeks ago, and they've been happily glowing away since then!

LEDs installed

As you can see in the pictures, we've got 4 Golden Dragon LEDs running off a variable-voltage (ie: dimmable) power supply I knocked up. You can see the difference between the colour-temp of light produced if you look at the reflection in the kettle. We still haven't covered them, but now they're installed I'm not so sure the light needs diffusing, so I've taken a raincheck on that one.

I'm quite chuffed with them actually, they fulfill all my original requirements:

  • They consume very little power: from 0.1-1.3A @ 12V, or roughly 1-16W
  • They're super easy to use: controlled like any old dimmer (you know something's practical when other people just start using it)
  • The light looks good: Its bright, slightly less yellow than regular light bulbs, but not clinical white and most importantly, doesn't hurt my eyes.

Finished LED power supply

We had to be careful to make no permanent modifications as we're still renting. Otherwise, it would make sense to embed the lights into the cabinets, cover them with fancy-looking filters, and run the wires through the walls to a dimmer switch (also attached to the wall).