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blog upgraded, new woes

I upgraded my Livejournal account to a 'paid' one today. The main reason was to get rid of the bloody advertising, though I was also planning on customizing the templates to make it look more like the rest of my site (which I'll be moving from Zimki real soon now) and add things like fancy photo arrays from flickr, maps and the like. Unfortunately I've since found out that Livejournal don't allow JavaScript embedded in their templates for security reasons. While that makes sense it's still annoying. Then I looked through S2 and had tip-of-the-iceburgh syndrome... I was expecting some simple templates & CSS I could just edit. All-in-all, I came to the conclusion it would be easier to install Wordpress on a co-lo or similar. I'll prolly do that real soon now too. ;-)

Until then, enjoy the distinct lack of ads, and please update your bookmarks:

web: http://blog.spurkis.org/
rss: http://blog.spurkis.org/data/rss
atom: http://blog.spurkis.org/data/atom

I'll try to keep these URLs active when I eventually do move.