December 9th, 2015

Lean Coffee @ Agile Ottawa

Last night I facilitated our first Lean Coffee meetup at Agile Ottawa. Thanks again to all who made it out, and to You.i TV for the venue, food & drinks! :)

We covered a lot of interesting topics:

  • How to sell executive sponsors on addressing technical debt?

  • How to transition slow adopters from waterfall to agile when others have moved on?

  • Wardley Maps - how they can be used to decide when to do Agile.

  • How to estimate user stories?

  • How to engage an overloaded Product Owner more with the team?

  • Adopting [agile] with non-agile clients.

  • Scrum & Continuous Delivery - are they compatible?

See the pictures below for key points covered.

We also had some great feedback on the session:

  • Interesting discussions (x6!)

  • Loved it, do it again (x4!)

  • Well moderated (aside: thanks! :)

  • Got a lot of good ideas

I’m already looking forward to our next Lean Coffee :)

Here are the pictures I took of our whiteboard: