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That's it, I'm moving to Canada.

As you may know, last year we moved to Canada… I'd been threatening to for years, and finally got around to it ;-).

A lot of my friends from London wondered why we'd want to move even further north, to which I'd reply: "but we're not!". Just so I don't have to explain it anymore: most of the population in Canada lives within 1-200 km of the US border. We don't all live in igloos, keep penguins, or wrestle polar bears during our lunch breaks. And yes, Ottawa really is further south than London. And sunnier. And … well, if you still don't believe me, look at a map.

Over the past year I've had the chance to do a few home renos, and design & install a 12v renewable energy system (used every day!). As part of that I've done some more LED research, and I'm pleased to see stores like Home Depot & Canadian Tire carrying decent LED stock these days.

In the summer we had a garden. No, I mean a real garden, not some piddly 2 foot square plot out the back door. We still have food from it. That kind of garden.

This winter we've been doing a lot of XC Skiing (Gatineau Park has great trails!) & some skating on the Rideau Canal to stay in shape. It really is strange not to be cycling to work every day!

More recently I've been playing around with a few technologies I've always wanted to learn but never had the time: Node.js & HTML5 (notably canvas), and Android. I finally got around to moving a few of my Perl projects to Github, and updated my website: www.spurkis.org. I'm also thinking of starting up a new business.

So I'm going to try to get this blog back up & running with a few posts on these, and see where it goes from there!
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